Nintendo’s new game console switch is currently the hot topic among gamers – and therefore also attracts scammers. They spread the tale of the existence of a switch emulator on the net. If you fall for it, you will have nothing but a smartphone subscription.

Fraudsters are currently trying to sell game fans an alleged switch emulator – a program that simulates the Nintendo console on a computer so that you can play switch games without a switch, for example.

Instead of an emulator, you get a smartphone subscription

The whole thing is nothing but a fake, as the the prevention websites report. Who comes over left, which ghost by the net, on the web page of the alleged emulator, is requested first of all once to lock a Smartphone subscription for scarcely five euro per week.

The probability that you can download the promised application afterwards, however, is close to zero. The people behind the software developer portal Github have set up a project page, presumably to make the emulator lie tale more credible at first glance. But if you download the alleged emulator there, you won’t catch any malware at the moment, but in the end you only downloaded useless readme and change log files.

Fake emulators are popular among scammers

The scam with fake emulators is not new: According to the experts, the alleged emulator PSeMu3 for Playstation 3, for example, persists on the net. The program forces the user to install more and more software and delays the use of the desired emulator in the next step – over and over again.