Zombie car games as the name implies are games with zombie

       characters either as heroes or villains.


These car games usually pertain to racing games which a lot of players find stimulating and quite unique.

There are so many zombie car games today. You can download them on your devices through Apple Apps or Android PlayStore. Some can be played offline wherein some are only played online.

Well let us try to give you an idea on the most popular zombie car games online. These maybe played in various websites anytime and better yet, for free!


This is set in a land of zombies where mankind’s survival is almost impossible.

Zombie Car Madness is a driving game wherein you, the player need to make your way through the zombies by killing them. In this action – filled game, you have to explore Zombie land using four different maps. You have 9 cars to choose from, all of which are upgradeable to your advantage! You have to utilize your mouse in playing this game.

Use the left and right arrows for your car to flip in those directions. Doing a complete circle of your car during your flip would turn on the Nitro booster. To make the car jump, you may press the Space key.















Zombie Express is another popular mini online car game. It places you in a world where the zombie apocalypse is finally over. However, there are just too many zombie prisoners. Your goal is to take these caged zombies into the zombie zoo using your tractor trailer. You need to drive really carefully though, driving too fast will trigger the zombies to fall and be free, thus invading town again. Beware of steep slopes, they are also quite tricky.

Use the A and D keys to drive and use your mouse to click and drag the zombie cages to your truck.


This zombie car game may also be downloaded to your device through PlayStore.

This is probably the number one action game that has it all together, shooting, racing, and zombies of course. You need to kill the tons of zombies invading your town before they reach you and eat your brain. If there are already too many to handle, you have to take out your car and drive your way through town to kill them. By using a vehicle, you get the chance to also shoot them using machine guns and RPGs installed on your car. There are a total of 10 weapons and 5 vehicles to choose from. You may also choose to play either the Story mode or Endless mode, depending on what kind of challenge you are after!


This is another popular online game where your goal is to evacuate as many citizens as you can. You have to take your passengers to the drop zone without too many damages and without running out of time. You may also try to kill these zombies using your taxi.

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