Charitable Business In The Gaming Industry

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call of duty endowmentSometimes it seems that the video game industry is constantly receiving criticism for just about everything.

The reality is that many successful developers and companies do a lot to help others.

Here are just a few examples of charitable businesses in the gaming industry.

Call Of Duty Endowment and Warcraft

Founder Bobby Kotick is the CEO of Activision Blizzard the company that produces the award winning and wildly popular World of Warcraft series as well as Call of Duty.

The Call of Duty Endowment helps those that have served in the armed forces to find better job opportunities afterwards.

“The organization has helped more than 12,000 veterans find a rewarding job,” states Sammy Lakhany CEO in an interview.
With more than $16 million given by Activision Blizzard since 2009, the organization continues to grow and help more veterans.

The popular World of Warcraft game has been used to raise funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

zynga charityZynga

Many of you reading this have probably heard of or played Farmville or Cityville but did you know that the games were produced by a great charitable organization?

When you buy items in the game your dollars go to such causes as earthquake relief in Haiti or clean water development in many different regions.

Zynga has raised more than $17 million to help others around the world.

They also use their software for educational programs as well such as Angry Bird’s Playground.


EA has been in the video game industry for a long time and is no stranger when it comes to sharing their good fortune and success with those that are less fortunate.

They donate to such causes as The American Cancer Society, Red Cross, and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

One of their recent efforts involved giving gamers the option of paying $1 or more for popular games with all the money going to charity.

Of course many people gave more so they were able to raise more than $10 million.

Other Sources

There are many smaller companies and individuals in the gaming industry that give back by donating to charities. Some are hardware manufacturers that simply donate some of their products like consoles, gaming accessories like Mouse, keyboards, etc… Even brands like WiredShopper give. Do you?

These smaller companies and individuals should also be recognized, regardless of the amount of their contributions.

The importance of giving back

There is no doubt that video game companies have a large audience.

With many of this audience being younger, developers are helping teach the importance of giving back to others, to a whole new generation of young people.

These lessons can help lead to life long giving patterns that can result in a lot of people getting help that they otherwise would not have had.

But what About The Programmers?

Did you know gaming programmers are one of the most abused workers on the net?

I’m talking 14 hour workdays. Talk about working your fingers to the bone!

This is a great article looking at the problems and work schedules these programmers have to bear.

Luckily this site gave an indepth look at what really goes on and helped push through a few multi-million dollar law suits to help stop this sort of behavior by gaming companies. It’s SUPER old (2004!) but I’m sure things are basically the same.

The problem is, not much has changed.

So it just seems a little sad that gaming companies will do so much for charity, as it makes them look good in the press, yet they abuse their own workers as much as possible in order to make the money needed for these “charitable contributions”.

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