“Fortnite” as the reason for divorce & Private Servers

According to an online divorce service, the game will be cited more than 200 times in 2018 alone in Great Britain as the reason for a divorce.

After “World of Warcraft” and “Minecraft”, this year it was “Fortnite” in particular that came into the focus of worried parents and cultural pessimists. According to “Divorce Online“, a British all-round divorce service, “Fortnite” is said to have caused the house blessing of some couples to go wrong.

The service reports that it has already received 200 divorce petitions this year alone, in which “Fortnite” is cited as the main reason.

Even if one must see the sending with some skepticism, the naked number is impressive. If we assume that it is representative, that would be five percent of all divorce petitions in Great Britain. Admittedly, one can now argue that couples with a partner playing “Fortnite” tend to resort to online divorce services and the figures are therefore distorted. Reports of a “Fortnite” addiction among children, but also among adults, have made the rounds again and again.


Private servers only for selected players – you are not allowed to play

Fortnite offers private servers, but only players invited by Epic Games are allowed to play. Only certain players and selected streamers are allowed to play. As a “normal” player you are not allowed to play the corresponding mode. The problem is that the mode offers training advantages that you will not be able to enjoy.


In Fortnite there is a secret mode that allows players to create custom games, i.e. user-defined games. In this private mode, players can choose which other people they want to play with in a match. Normally this is not possible because matchmaking brings you together with random players for a game.

The announcement

Epic Games is mostly keeping a low profile when it comes to the secret mode. However, the custom games were promoted by the developers in January 2018. In a tweet Epic Games announced: “Today we are doing something special to test our custom matchmaking system. For a limited time, some players will set up private servers.” For a short time, a suitable menu item even appeared in the interface of the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.


But then it became quiet about the mode. Obviously the developers have been keeping the mode from you for months, while some streamers and players with good contacts to Epic Games get the chance to improve their skills in Fortnite.

Custom games offer the opportunity to compete against selected players, including pros. This means that those who have access to the mode can constantly improve in the game and thus have training advantages. All other players of the shooter do not have these.

Secret Mode Celebrates Premiere in Stream

custom matches in fortnite

It is possible that Epic Games could now bring the mode to the public step by step, because from September 14, 2018 at 23:00 German time, the selected players will be able to stream custom games. So at least the entry of a user on the online platform Reddit shows who has access to the mode. So you can also see what the mode has to offer.

Epic Games restricts these streams to the extent that they may not be advertised or referred to as “Scrimmages” (training units in which professional teams play against each other in competitions in order to improve).

It remains to be hoped that Epic Games will make the mode accessible to every player in the future, otherwise it remains to be doubted that all Fortnite players in e-sports and other competitions really have the same starting chances. Epic Games also makes some skins available free of charge to certain players only. So these skins in Fortnite are only free for PS Plus members.



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