Minecraft PE Free Game – a Newer Version of The Original Game

Minecraft is a video game released in 2011 created by Swedish programmer Markun “Notch” Persson and was developed by Mojang. Mojang was later then acquired by Microsoft Studios and remains the developer up to this day. Minecraft had received five awards during the 2011 Game Developers Conference. Namely they are: Innovation Award, Best Downloadable Game Award, Best Debut Game Award, Audience Award, and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize. With all these awards plus its popularity, you know you are in for a great game! As of June 20158, over 70 million copies had been sold, making it the best – selling PC game ever and the third best – selling video game of all time.

Minecraft PE Free Game

There are several platforms for Minecraft, one of them is the Pocket Edition or PE. This is actually a newer version of the original game. This was released in August 16, 2011 for the Xperia Play on the Android Market. It followed a release in other devices on October 8, 2011. To date, the Minecraft pocket edition is available on these devices, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Amazon KindleFire. The latest PE version is currently 0.14.0, available for Android users.

The Minecraft pocket edition free game focuses mainly on the creative building and the primitive survival aspect of the game. It does not contain all the features of the PC release, although they periodically release updates to make it closer to the PC version of the game.

To play Minecraft PE, you need to place block and go on adventures. You can explore different worlds and build amazing infrastructure, from homes to castles. There are two modes in the PE:
CREATIVE MODE. This is actually a free mode. You can play using unlimited resources. This is intended just for relaxation and fun.
SURVIVAL MODE. In this mode, you would need to craft your own weapon and armor correctly, otherwise it will break. You also have to fend off dangerous mobs

For the PE you may or may not play alone. It fully depends on you. PE is actually considered to be retrostyle. All events are simple and casual. You can play the game using the virtual joystick on the screen. In here, you can create your own world, with whatever pleases you!

Here are some tips for you to make your gaming easier and more fun!

– Torches can create temporary air pockets underwater in case you swam too deep or you are mining and opened floodgates. Torches can also break stacks of sand and gravel. In the same manner, it could also help them up.

– Here’s a simple trick when you get too annoyed with water or lava getting in the way. The signs and ladders can stop water and lava.
– You can actually cool off Blaze with a snowball.
– Soul sands are used in many ways but you have to be utterly careful since it could also make you sink.
– Water, is a good lawn mower. It frees up space faster!

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