Survival games are basically online games wherein you and other players are placed in one place with the minimal resources. This is also called survival of the fittest for the mere fact that you are required to survive as long as possible by collecting your own resources, craft your own tools and weapons, and seek a shelter on your own.

This game comes with no set goals other than surviving. For you to do so, you would have to defeat as many enemies before they get to you or before your HP or life is depleted. There are two key elements for survival. First is resource conservation, you need to conserve everything you have like your health and ammunitions.

They are very limited most of the time. Secondly, expect a very hostile environment. You need to be fast, alert, and ready at all times.

Minecraft Survival Games Mod

Minecraft Survival Games works the same way. This is a mod for Minecraft that allows you to act out the games from the Hunger Games Series. There will be 24 players in the arena. You need to fight each other while hunting for items and equipments that could help you out in the battlefield. In order to survive faster, familiarize yourself with the map. Grab loots as quick as possible; grab whatever your fallen opponent’s item lost. It is also advisable to team up with other players and as much as possible, conserve your food.

It is also necessary to give time to take time in crafting your weapons so as to give you an edge in the battlefield. These games are highly competitive, but with practice, you can become one of its Survival Games master.

In order to play this mod, you need to enter a server. Servers are sorted by region. You need to choose the server that is closest to your location. Now due to its capacity of only 24 players per server, most servers will be full so just be patient in searching or for some in waiting for one to have a vacancy.

Here are some of the best servers as suggested by players:

  • HYPIXEL NETWORK. This server, located in the United States is one of the most popular and most used serves in the Survival Game mod.
  • CUBE CRAFT GAMES. This is UKs most popular Minecraft Survival Game mod server with thousands of players queuing every minute.
    This is a US based server. What makes it unique is the community on which it is built. It has a large staff and the community is really very helpful.
  • BADLION NETWORK. This US based Minecraft Survival Game mod server is very popular because of its anticheat known as GCheat. This is considered to be one of the most and largest competitive networks today.
  • MINECRAFT CENTRAL. This has server has an uptime of 99.0%, one of the highest amongst all servers. This is a very popular network for survival games because of its quality graphics.