Anime Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or better known simply as Anime MMORPG are quite popular these days. 

So what is it exactly?

These are just like your regular online games. However, the characters you get to play are in the form of an anime character. There will be many players just like you and most of the time you get to play as a team, fighting and beating players from another team or enemies that are simulated by the computer. There are several anime MMORPG that stands out these days, here are some of them


This MMORPG has a social them and loads of Anime visuals. This is actually a Japanese Anime – style that centers its gameplay on love which is quite unusual but definitely unique! At the beginning of the game, you get to customize our character by answering some personal questions and through the use of stars and astrology.

These choices will play a great role later on in the game as it affects the romantic story lines available to your character. In most MMORPG, you can customize your character but not the story line, this alone makes the game a whole lot more interesting. Once your character is ready, you may start as either a Mage or Warrior and perform some quests. This enables you to unlock other classes. You may always customize your actions through the Action Bar at the bottom of the screen. In here, you can customize your abilities and actions freely. In this game, you may interact with other players accordingly.


This action combat manga themed MMORPG is one of the most popular side scrolling online game. You can freely choose any role from the different heroes available. You have to surpass the dungeons and fight big bosses based on your own strategies and strengths. This game maybe played with a team or alone. As your level increases, so do your abilities and skills. You can always customize how your character will look like in each level, and you can also upgrade your skills as necessary to your character.


I think everyone is well aware of the world famous anime Bleach. This is actually an MMORPG that grounds its story on that same anime, so goes the name. This very popular game is story based. It begins with you waking up after 1000 years of sleeping and is in need to investigate the world. You may choose either a male or female character and customize it according to how you want your character to look. You can go on quests to obtain rare items to further enhance your character or you can go on a spree killing in order to level up. You may play alone or partner up with your friends or other players online. The graphics of this game is actually a lot better than most MMORPGs so you can also enjoy the vividness of the scenes.