A Review of Defense Grid: The Awakening

Defense Grid: The Awakening.

Defense Grid: The Awakening.In the world of computer and video games, on of the most unique genres of games is tower-defense strategy.

In this genre of video game one of the most popular games is titled, Defense Grid: The Awakening.

This game is available for the Xbox 360 as well as the PC and was created by the indie developer Hidden Path Entertainment.

The game contains a story mode in which the campaign takes place as well as numerous other modes such as a grinder mode which is and “almost” endless round of tower defense, and other modes which restrict the way that the game can be played.

In this game you take the role of a commander whose job is to protect the human race from an attack by an unnamed alien species.

This is done by building towers to defend the cores which power key structures as well as the defense network that you are building.

In the games campaign mode an intelligent AI guides you, the player through tower building and placement, with the end goal of holding off the alien invasion for a long enough period of time that the people can be saved.

In the Defense Grid: You Monster Expansion Pack the in-game AI meets GLaDOS from Valve’s Portal franchise.

Here the player is ‘tested’ while the games AI converses with GLaDOS in an attempt to examine how to “save the human race” from extinction.

As an expansion, this will enrich your gaming experience by giving you more enjoyment out of your purchase while leaving room to share the joys of tower defense games with your friends.

DLC add on packs called “Borderlands” and “Resurgence” are also available.

They are designed to challenge the player to build towers using different strategies, and tower placing techniques.

In doing so the developers of this game have added to the Defense Grid experience by introducing new challenges which may not have been possible in the story mode.

Defense Grid: The Awakening and its “You Monster” expansion pack is available for both the PC and the Xbox 360.

While it is not a puzzle game, you can be assured that this game will keep you entertained for hours in a fun and exciting way.

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