The Fortnite island keeps going!

At Fortnite the new flying island is apparently clattering the runes. Yesterday evening the island reached a rune for the first time and changed the world a bit.

The cube is now an island: Interdimensional cracks formed a space cube in Season 5 of Fortnite. The cube then slowly rolled over the map and drew mysterious runes on the map until it sank into Loot Lake.

In Season 6, an island that can fly has risen from Loot Lake. The leisurely cube has thus become a floating island and the runes will probably rattle through it.

On Sunday we speculated: What will happen when the island reaches the first rune? Now we know.


This means for the players…


That’s what happened: Yesterday evening the island came to a destination for the first time: The rune was west of Loot Lake. When the island reached its destination, it created purple craters in the area. Players can jump from them.

A kind of volcanic landscape has emerged. The volcanoes seem to blow the “corruption” into the world. In addition, a part of the area with the rune has been pulled up and a smaller flying island has been created.


For players it is now possible:


to use these volcanoes as a jumping surface – that makes the surfaces interesting
and land on the “smaller island” with the rune. Here you can see that even a treasure chest is waiting for you.


The island has reached and changed the first rune four days after the start of season 6. It will be interesting to see what happens when it reaches the next six runes. After the space cube took so much time in Season 5, it seems to start faster now.
Map change in Season 6 continues

There are other strange things going on: As players report, this is not the only map change in Fortnite. Apparently, smaller purple cubes are now appearing on the flying island under the house.



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