Ever heard of Diablo 2?

I bet you did, it’s actually a sequel of the ever popular Diablo. I believe you are also aware of the different Diablo 2 items found in the game. But for those who aren’t so popular with the game.

Let’s try to get you familiarized.

There are Several Items that are Popular Among Players:

    • ARMOR. Armors protect the characters. It shields them from any attackers, thus prolonging the avatar’s life.
    • WEAPON. This is the number one must – have of a player. This is the major may to defend themselves. The stronger and powerful, the better.
    • GEMS. Gems are very useful when inserted to socketed weapons. It improves the weapon by a great deal. There are different levels for gems, from the lowest to the highest, they are: chipped gem, flawed gem, gem, flawless gem and perfect gem.

  •     RUNES. They are also inserted to weapons to strengthen them. Runes range from weak to powerful.

             CHARMS. They usually provide bonuses when placed in your inventory.

            JEWELS. These jewels can be magical, rare, or unique. They are used to create crafted items and may provide powerful bonuses.

SCROLLS. They are mainly used to open town portals and to identify several items.

            ARROWS AND BOLTS. They are of course ammunition for bows and crossbows. They usually vary in strength, speed, and effects.

Some potions can be thrown to monsters to weaken or even kill them. They also increase life, mana, stamina and resistance.











Here are some of the most popular among these items mentioned above:

  • SHACO. It increases your chance of finding magic items by 50% and it adds +2 to all your skills. It also increases your life and mana plus it reduces damage by 10%.
  •  ANDARIELS VISAGE. It increases your poison resistance by 70% but decreases your fire resistance by 30%. It adds 2 to all our skills and increases your attack speed by 20%. Aside from increasing your strength, it also increases your chance to cast Poison Nova by 15% when struck. Not bad!
  • GIANT SKULL. This increases your defenses and strength. It gives you 10% chance of crushing blow, which decreases your enemies HP by 25%.
  • ORMUS ROBE. It gives you a +3 bonus to a random sorceress skill if you are one. But in general it increases your defenses and mana regeneration by 15%. It also gives you a 20% faster cast rate and 15% additional to cold/fire/light skill damage.
  • LEVIATHAN. This is indestructible! It increases your defense and damage while it reduces damage done to you by 25%.
  • TYRAEL’S MIGHT. This indestructible weapon increases your strength, defense, and resistance. It also gives 100% damage to demons and allows you to run/walk faster by 20%. Do note as well that this item cannot be frozen.
  • STORM SHIELD. This item has a 77% chance to block and increases your chance of blocking by 25% as well.

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