Wireless Headphones with Mic – a Must For All Gamers

Now we all have to understand that gamers take their games seriously and we totally respect that.

It is an expression of their inner selves. Some considers it as sports and well some even make money out of it. In line with that, they actually require the best, most innovative and highest quality gadgets out there in the market.

Wireless headphones with mic are a must for most gamers.

Some still uses the wired ones but the wireless one is a lot more popular because of its convenience. Often times, gamers use more than one monitor or screen, they also use their keyboard for control and they really need to navigate fast. Having a wired headset could get in the way and would just be a hindrance for them and it might even cost them their game. You must be wondering why gamers need a headset.

Oh yes, most gamers need to work as a team. That’s how online gaming works. It is a community actually.

Gamers could always type on their chat box to communicate. However, they also need to give instructions to their team mates while playing. Time is always critical so they would need a wireless headphone with mic to communicate clearly with their team mates. They need to relay their position, tactics, status and whether they need help.

Typing would not only distract them but it would also slow them down by around 200%. It could also cause their character to die, or worst, lose the game. If they are not able to communicate as fast as they can, real time as much as possible. Using a headset to communicate makes things a lot faster, easier, convenient and more reliable.

Here are the best and most popular gaming wireless headsets in the market:

  • STEELSERIES H WIRELESS. This is currently one of the best gaming headsets in the market. It is compatible with all major gaming platforms like PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. It features an omni – directional microphone and a battery that could last up to 20 hours of playtime with an extra battery in the package. With this, you never really run out of battery. Its sound quality is also very high and accurate. This headphone was designed and built to give its user comfort through its big foam ear pads
  • ASTRO GAMING A50 2ND This gaming headset comes with MixAmp Pro and works with most gaming platforms. Despite being a bit pricey, it is still one of the most popular wireless gaming headset there is. It is very comfortable to wear, even with long hours of gaming. It also is very durable and has good gaming sound quality.
  • TURTLE BEACH EAR FORCE XP510. This is considered to be the best gaming headset for consoles. Its battery can last up to 15 hours of gameplay and it also has very good connectivity. With this, you can use WI – fi and Bluetooth at the same time.

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